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Brian Stewart Allen LDS. RCS. Eng

Born March 21 1922
Occupation: Dentist
Married: Judith Instone St Alphedge, Solihull, 25 September 1958

Born in Hansworth in 1922 at Samford Road, the second son of Ernest and Gladys. The family moved to Northampton in 1929, when he was only 7, but he has many memories of his short time there with his extended family of aunts and uncles within walking distance. The move brought with it great sadness in the form of his brothers death only months after their arrival in the new county. He started school at Northampton primary school moving up to the county school where he under-achieved, failing his exams at the first attempt and having to re take them when to the suprise of his teachers he got good enough grades to do his Higher School Certificates of Chemistry, Physics and Biology which he took at Northampton tech. His results were good enough and he accepted a place at Leeds university to read dentistry, he returned after his 2nd year in poor physical condition and somehow with a little jiggery pokery at high levels he returned for his final year to Birmingham instead where he finally graduated.

After graduation he joined the navy as a Dental Officer writing a letter back home to his friend Trevor Gutteridge

In 1958 he married Judith Instone and after a year at St Harrys Rd Birmingham moved to 'The Barff' in Tanworth-in-Arden